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Annelies Christian


My father felt a degree in making pottery was not a career path to fame and prosperity. He was right! If he were still alive today, however, he might have been gratified that, fifty years later, I am still involved and excited about my work with clay and none of my training has been wasted. I have been down every path, working in small commercial potteries, teaching, own-ing an art gallery, exhibiting, competing, and working on my own. My Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Ceramics was earned at the Rhode Island School of Design. After twenty years, I returned for a Master of Arts degree from Texas Womané─˘s University, and, in 1980, a second Master of Arts degree in Media Development from the University of Texas Medical School in Dallas.
I taught for four years at Southern Methodist University and fifteen years for the Dallas County Community College District at El Centro, Mountain View and Brookhaven Colleges.

My training began on the potteré─˘s wheel with round shapes that soon morphed into paddled, combined, and more adventurous built pieces. Today, I create modular abstracted figurative sculptures, occasionally taller than I am. They are fired to stoneware temperatures with rough crater glazes, which are achieved by halting the firing when the glaze is literally boiling and then grinding off the bubbles later leaving an interesting pitted appearance.

My proudest award was the top honors in a competetion at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts in 1974. I have presented one-woman shows at the Bavarian Ministry of Culture in Munich, Germany, Southern Methodist Univer-sity, Texas Womané─˘s University, three exhibits at the University of Texas at Dallas, the Longview Museum of Art, the Plano Art Center and Collin County Community College. My work was included in two Ceramic Nationals, one of which toured the United States. My sculptures have been in many competitions and group shows throughout the Metroplex.


Attended grade schools and Nott Terrace High School
in Schenectady, N.Y.
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Rhode Island School of Design
Design, Providence, RI, Major in Ceramics
Master of Arts: Texas Women's University, Denton, TX
Major in Ceramics
Master of Arts: University of Texas Health Science
Center at Dallas,
Southwestern Medical Graduate
School, Dallas, TX, Major in Media Development


1985 - 1995 - University of Texas at Dallas, TX:
Technical Illustration & Graphics
1984 - 1985 - Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas,
TX: Media Consultant
1979 - 1983 - Brookhaven College, Dallas, TX:
Division Social Science Secretary, Art Instruc-
tor, part time
1976 - 1980 - El Centro College, Dallas, TX: Art
Instructor, Part time
1965 - 1979 - Contemporary Gallery ,Dallas,TX:Owner
with husband
1971 - 1974 - Mountain View College,Dallas,TX:
Art Instructor
1969 - 1971 - El Centro College, Dallas,TX: Art
Instructor, Part Time
1965 - - - Dallas Museum of Fine Art,
Instructor summer Ceramics
1964 - 1969 - Southern Methodist University,Dallas, TX Ceramics Instructor
1957 - 1959 - Maryland Art Institute, Baltimore,MD
Ceramics Instructor, evenings
1952 - 1953 - Gump's Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Gallary Assistant

PRIZES AND EXHIBITIONS_________________________________

2013 - Conan-Drennan TSA Exhibition, Dallas
2011 - Fort Worth,TX Community Arts Center, Ft.
- - "Best of Texas Clay"
2011 - Merit Award for Most Outstanding Form
2008 - Haley Henman Gallery, Dallas, TX, TSA
- - Juried show, Third Prize
2008 - Oldfield Davis Gallery, Dallas, TX,
- - Juried Exhibit
2008 - Bryan Tower, Dallas, TX, Juried exhibi-
- - tion, TSA Winning Works Show
2008 - One-woman exhibition in the Verizon
- - Art Gallery, Las Colinas, Dallas, TX
2007 - Merit Award, Texas Visual Arts Assoc.
- - Competition, Dallas, TX
2004 - Four sculptures exhibited at Fair Park
- - Music Hall during the opera, Dallas, TX
2002 - First Prize, Sculpture Division, Mobil
- - Art Competition, Irving, TX
2001 - 5 artist invitational Sculptural
- - Syncretism II, at Collin County Community
- - College, Plano, TX
2001 - 41st Annual Invitational Sculpture
- - Show, Longview Museum of Fine Arts,
- - Longview, TX
2000 - One-woman exhibition at the ArtCentre
- - of Plano, Plano, Texas
2000 - Second Prize, Texas Sculpture Assoc-
- - iation Show, Ft. Worth, TX
1998 - People's Choice Award, Texas Pottery &
- - Sculp. Guild Show, Ft.Worth, TX
1998 - Second Prize, Texas Sculpture Assoc-
- - iation Show, Dallas, TX
1997 - Xmas Exhibition, Edith Baker Gallery,
- - Dallas, TX
1995 - One-woman exhibition at The University
- - of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
1994 - Top Award, Jesuit Preparatory School
- - Arts Festival, Dallas, TX
1990 - One-woman exhibition at The University
- - of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
1986 - One-woman exhibition at the Longview
- - Museum & Arts Center, Longview, TX
1981 - Invitational exhibition, Collectors'
- - Choice Gallery, Dallas, TX
1977 - 1979 Vice-President, Dallas Craft Guild,
- - Dallas, TX
1978 - One-woman exhibition: Contemporary
- - Gallery, Dallas, TX
1978 - Article published in Studio Potter
- - Magazine
1974 - Top Award,16th Texas Crafts Competition,
- - Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas,TX
1973 - 1976 Listed in Who's Who in American Art
1973 - One-woman exhibition at Texas Women's
- - University, Denton, TX
1972 - One-woman exhibition at The University
- - of Texas, Arlington, TX
1971 - One-woman exhibition at The Graduate
- - Research Center, Richardson, TX
1970 - One-woman exhibition at Texas Women's
- - University, Denton, TX
1968 - 1969 First, second, third prizes at the
- - State Fair of Texas, Dallas, TX
1969 - Film made for KERA-TV featuring me and
- - my work, Dallas, TX
1969 - Juror for the State Fair of Texas,
- - Dallas, TX
1968 - Selected for the 24th Ceramic National,
- - Everson Museum, Syracuse,NY
1965 - One-woman exhibition at Southern Metho-
- - dist University, Dallas, TX
1965 - Invited to exhibit in the annual inter-
- - national exhibition Form and Quality at the
- - Bavarian Ministry of Culture,
- - Munich, Germany
1962 - Selected for exhibition/travel: 22nd Ceramic National,
- - Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY
1962 - One-woman exhibition at the Bavarian
- - Ministry of Culture, Munich, Germany
1958 - First Prize, crafts competition at the
- - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
1957 - First Prize, crafts competition at the
- - Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC

Female, Annelies
16212 Spring Creek Rd, Dallas, tx 75248,

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