Pecha Kucha at the Nasher 2013

Pecha Kucha at the Nasher 2013

Click to view the Pecha Kucha Presentations from the Nasher 2013. Each Speaker showed 20 slides, each slide was up for 20 seconds, making the presentations only 6:40 long.

  • Shelley Kolman Smith

    Artist Shelley Kolman Smith talks about motherhood as an early inspiration for her work and her evolution as an artist in using various forms and mate

  • Jim Bowman

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Artist Jim Bowman takes his audience through a portfolio of his work using glass and other media. He discusses the material

  • Ali Golzad

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Born in Iran in 1974 during a revolution, Avi Golzad grew up in Sweden after being smuggled there because of war. Avi emplo

  • Catherine Cuellar

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Dallas Arts District executive director, Catherine Cuellar shares her wide range of passions and inspirations and talks abo

  • Janeil Engelstad

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Artist Janeil Engelstad begins with her inspirations drawn from nature and traces her experiences as an artist and fire-sta

  • Joshua King

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 As one of the founders of Dallas Arts District's public art installation Aurora, Joshua King shares his experiences in enga

  • Julia Cohn

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Visual artist and designer Julia Cohn discusses the division she feels between the two titles and the process-driven work s

  • Nicole Stewart

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Storyteller Nicole Stewart talks about creativity and the personal influences that "light her fire." As the founder of Dall

  • Rene Muhl

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Sculptor Rene Muhl discusses the creative thought process behind her pieces. Inspired by her personal experiences and other

  • William Nash

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Artist and designer William Nash speaks about his love for and work inspired by the Dallas Arboretum, along with the proces

  • Virginia Marsh

    Published on Jul 24, 2014 Sculptor Virginia Marsh shares how mentors and surroundings (sometimes unconsciously) influence art. She emphasizes the imp

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