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President's Letter - June 7, 2013 Newsletter

(date posted 06-17-2013)
Hello Sculptor's! This weeks' news: Lottie Minick's Lecture June 30, 2 pm at the CAC! Lottie is the founder of "Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden" which is a feature at Fair Park State Fair. She has lots to talk about regarding gaining permission and curating an event like this! Lottie was a major help for the installation of the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum and works with the Arboretum during their art fests, not to mention she was a former TSA board member for several years. Please join us and find out what makes this redhead remind me of the energizer bunny! Next month, I'm hosting an "Open Studio" at my house/studio for anyone who would like to see my latest project in person. Look for that around the 3rd week of July, and dress for a rather warm day in the country! We're still looking for a couple people interested in giving a 6:40 speech at our Pecha Kucha - 20 slides x 20 seconds each! That's at the Nasher, Aug 17, 1-3pm, wine reception to follow. The cost is $10 each to attend and in addition to the entertainment & wine, you also will get to tour the Nasher! This is a bargain. We are lining us some very important people to speak! You will certainly be impressed. Watch for more news, buy your tickets early, we can only accommodate 150 people. Don't be left out! Last but not least, we are downsizing the size of the storage unit and will be selling a number of pedestals for $5.00 each, first come, first served! Watch for info on that. Oh, one more thing, fill out the membership info on the website and upload your galleries!!!! It's part of your member fee, you get up to 120 photos, bio's, and even videos! Your information must be uploaded by you, we can't move your old photos from the old website. You will want your own password and total control of your page. I promise, it's really fun! Also, when you look at someone's work, you can send them a comment - we all like feedback! Especially the positive kind! Okay, I'm done, see you at the CAC on the 30th! Thanks! Go Sculpt!! Shelley - pres.

President's Letter - May 31, 2013 Newsletter

(date posted )
Good Morning Sculptors! First, let me clear something up for you. I've had a lot of emails from members who are concerned that they paid their dues, but aren't on the new website. Here's the deal, the new website is set up so that YOU put YOUR OWN info on! That way, you get to have your own password and change your photos or bio or whatever, anytime you like! Isn't that cool! If you are having problems, call me (but not today, I'm out of the house today) and I'll talk you through it. When you go to Member Registration at the bottom of the home page, it takes you to a sign up page, but first asks you to go to paypal and pay your dues, if you have paid for the year, just skip this step and hit agree at the bottom. We're keeping track and know who's paid up. No worries. After that, follow the prompts and fill out the form. When you upload images, make sure they aren't too big, have ONE WORD titles (important for uploading, you can title them differently once loaded, I put Smith1, smith2, etc.) and only load one or two images at a time and hit submit. Otherwise, it takes too long and you'll think it's not working. I've had fun uploading weekly updates on a couple sculptures I'm working on and never would have asked Nan to do that for me. Also, if you notice, when you look at Member Pages, if you click on the second button you can determine how you want to look at the list. Do you want to see what's been last updated? or see them in alphabetical order? The first button will take you directly to a board member so you don't have to hunt for us. When you change one of those, hit Resort. (re-sort). Did you notice that the site keeps track of how many times your gallery was viewed? That's interesting..! Fred's studio tour was very cool. It's an amazing space, he's doing really cool things there. Thank you Fred for your hospitality! It's a really large space near Fair Park and very unique. It's especially a great party and display space. We may have to have some socials there..if that's okay with Fred? Next we have Lottie Minick lined up to talk in June. Watch for the evite and more info. She'll do a slide show lecture. And we're working on the Pecha Kucha! We have spots for a few of our own sculptors to speak, if you are interested, let me know. You'll have 20 slides, 20 seconds a slide for 6:40. We want to hear about what inspires you?! I bet we have some entertainers in the mix! This will be at the Nasher on Aug.17. Wouldn't it look great on your resume' that you spoke at the Nasher!!!! Talk about a claim to fame! Soon we will send out the info for the Grapevine Membership show, if we don't have another show first - still working on that! You'll see the Call for Artists on the website homepage. Okay, go sculpt something, and seriously, if you need me to talk you through the website, I'd be happy to! Just call - 214-734-9133 or email. Thanks! Have a great weekend! Shelley - Pres.

President's Letter - May 17, 2013

(date posted )
Happy Friday Sculptors!! Hope you had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend! Don't forget next Friday is the Studio/Social at Fred Villanueva's. Here's the Evite link if you haven't received it. Speaking of which, if you didn't receive it, drop me an email so I'll know to add you to the list. We may have some new people that aren't on it yet (it's a separate email list from membership with almost 300 names). His studio is at: 3203 Ash Lane Dallas, TX 75226 and the tour/party is from 6-10pm Friday May 24 RSVP so we know you're coming. If you don't get to RSVP, but want to come anyway, please do! Have you registered on the new website yet? It's LIVE!!!! woo hoo! We don't move your info, because you will want to have your own password and be in charge of your own page! If you haven't become a member yet, click the paypal button and send in your membership fee, if you are already a member, you won't have to do that. I think only about 35 of you are on the new site so far, which means we have about 160 left to input their stuff! You know you get to have up to 120 images? and Video's!? You get to write your own bio, as much or as little as you like and add or delete photos until you drop!. You get to use this as your website - AND there's no monthly hosting fee, no yearly domain name fee - it's really a great deal for you, our members! You may post your page as a website address on your business card. If you have a website, when you register, your site is automatically linked to TSA's website, making it (and you) more searchable on the web! Here's Jessica's tutorial if you need help - just log in to instead of the Dave Kramer link.

President's Letter - May 3, 2013

(date posted )
Good Morning Sculptors!! If you haven't added your information on the new website, you may want to do it soon! We will be launching it live before next Saturday and you won't want to be left out! Of course, you may still add your stuff any time after that, too. By the way, I've really enjoyed reading everyone's bio as they've loaded their page. Check it out! We have some truly interesting and inspiring artists in our midst. We have begun the planning for the Pecha Kucha 30th Anniversary Celebration. Mark your calendars for August 17, 1pm at the Nasher Sculpture Museum. It will be a free event just for members and their guest! Don't miss it, I think you will enjoy the format and be inspired to create incredible works of art. If you are curious about what a Pecha Kucha is, AIGA is hosting one at Lakewood Theater this Wednesday, 6-9pm called "This is my city". Tickets are $10 and available online. Watch for the Evite coming out first thing Monday morning for information about Fred Villanueva's Studio Tour. It will be May 24th. I understand his studio is amazing! This will be a great time to connect with old friends and meet new ones. After that we have a lecture planned with Lottie Minick, (of "Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden" that happens at Fair Park.) It's planned for late June. We have a new board member! Kate Firth is joining us. Welcome Kate! Take down for the Cohn Drennan Show is Sat. the 11th, make sure you and your friends have stopped by there to see how talented our members are. It is a great show with some really fabulous sculptures. Kudos to Deana and Scott for a job well done and show well run. Check the old website for a link to loaded your info on the new one, - then get sculpting! So much to do, so little time, eh? See ya at Fred's! Shelley - pres.

President's Letter - April 26, 2013

(date posted )
Good Morning Sculptors! I trust you've all had a look at the new website!? Doesn't it look great? Our plan is to launch it live in a week or so which means the old one will be removed, so if you want your work to be on the site at it's debut you need to register and upload your stuff soon!! For now, go to: We have a great tutorial Jessica Burnham-Hinton made for you to follow. It's really not complicated, and you'll get the hang of it quickly. Temporarily, you won't have to wait for approval to register and load your photos, once it's launched, we will reinstate that. So for now, it's faster to register. We have some great events coming up. Our next lecture will be given by Lottie Minick, creator of "Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden" at Fair Park. She's a hoot and she's got some great information about how she got the Sculpture Garden started! We also have a Studio Tour coming up at Fred Villanueva's Studio. I think he has plans for making it a really fun tour...we'll let you know about both of these events as soon as dates are set, but plan on May and June. Oh, and the Pecha Kucha in August at the Nasher! We have a planning meeting for that next week. Gail Sachson is going to help us out (She's with Art & Seek and a TSA member), we have an impressive list of speakers we're working on. More info on that to follow!! Most importantly, please set up your page on the new website! Did you notice that you can also load your own video on it? Well, actually, it's links for youtube video. It's a chance at creating your own how-to video or maybe just your best "joke of the day"....oh, yes, this could be fun...haha..., don't you think? As always, we'd love to add more people to the Board, if you're interested call me or Deana! The more the merrier! Thanks! Now, go sculpt something! Shelley - pres.



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